Student Audition Information


After much discussion with the D/FW NATS board members and recommendations from the National NATS office, our live Spring auditions on March 20th and 21st are canceled due to concerns from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our entry numbers were up this year, we had new strategies set in place for a more successful audition process, and we were really looking forward to this event. I am truly sorry for any inconveniences this causes teachers, students, parents, and collaborative pianists.

However, we will be offering an online competition submission option. This is not at all required, but merely a way to salvage the audition process. This online option is being adopted by several other NATS chapters, and although issues are currently in the process of being ironed out, teachers that have students entered in the auditions will be contacted by our auditions chairs, Casey Carter and Laura Stevenson, with instructions on how to proceed with an online competition in the coming days.

A proposed schedule of this option will be to have preliminary auditions due April 3rd, semifinal judging done by April 18, and final judging rounds to be completed by April 21. Since procuring accompanists may be difficult during this time, a piano recording may be used, a teacher can accompany a singer (but not be shown in the video), or a type of Appcompanist accompaniment may be accepted (this last option is pending). These accompanist guidelines are from the National NATS office in order to provide some flexibility if a live accompanist cannot be provided.

This information is not at all answering all of the questions you may have, but this is some basic information for you to decide if you would like to explore this alternative option, and also to inform you of our cancellation next weekend. Please feel free to reply to this email, or text/call Heather Hawk at 254-371-5732 with any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas concerning spring NATS. In a few days, we will be reaching out to ask if you wish to participate in these online auditions, so please take some time deciding what works best for you and your students. Thank you all in advance for your patience and understanding concerning this matter. Please stay safe and healthy, and again, contact me or your auditions coordinators with any questions.

Click to download our official NATS Audition Regulations

Registration will be through AuditionWare, via the "Member Home" of the national NATS website.

Before you begin, please have the following required information of your student:

First Name

Last Name

Phone Number


Birth Date

Audition Category

Repertoire Selections (Title, Composer, Language)

Pianist Name

For those of you who went to Texoma in 2017, this is the same system you used for that. As in previous years, you may enter 10 students total. If you wish to bring more, you will need an additional judge. Pianists may play for no more that 10 students PER DAY.

If you have repertoire questions, please contact Casey Carter for classical and Laura Stevenson ( ) for musical theatre.

Please note that we are now using the National category names and numbers, which may be different from the last time you entered students. Pay special attention to the collegiate categories in both classical and musical theatre. There are no longer "freshmen", "sophomore", "junior", etc. There are "lower college", "upper college", and "advanced college". If you have a question about a student's eligibility, please ask. It's much easier to fix a problem at the beginning of the process than the end.

Please note that this year we are not requiring members to judge on days they do not have students entered. (i.e. If you are only bringing students on Saturday, you do not need to judge on Friday, and vice versa.)