When will we meet online to discuss registration deadlines and judging requirements?  January 21, 2024 @7:00P.M.

Click here to join the meeting: Zoom Link

For category requirements or repertoire requirements, please consult the national guidelines at this link:

Category and Repertoire Requirements

How many students may a teacher enter each day for DFW auditions? Each teacher (who must make themselves available to judge as well) may register up to 10 students per day. If you would like to exceed the limit of 10 students, you must provide an approved proxy judge who will be present for the day of auditions.

How many students may I bring if I get an additional proxy judge? You may bring 10 extra students for a maximum of 20 students per day per teacher, given that you have an approved proxy judge present.

How do I get an additional proxy approved to allow more students to participate? Please send Susan Hanlon Ferrer (susan@commercialvocals.com) or Casey Carter (ccarter@collin.edu) your proxy judge contact information along with a brief explanation of experience that would qualify them to judge

How many singers may a pianist accompany? Each pianist may only play for 10 singers per day.

How many categories may I enter my students in? There is no category limit as long as you remain within the guidelines of age and length of study as well as the guidelines of 10 students per day.

Will students advance to nationals from the DFW auditions? No, all auditions that advance to nationals will be from Texoma Classical Auditions or the online rounds of National Auditions for Musical Theatre and Commercial Music. These dates can be found via nationals website.

Will there be any recording component to auditions this year? No, we have added an earlier start time to our Friday Musical Theatre/Commercial Music day. We will also go straight from prelims to finals in all categories. This will allow all singers to perform live.

Who is eligible for the Jennifer Glidden Performer of the Year award?  Students can choose to compete if they earn ranking as a finalist in two of the three categories (one must be classical). The audition runs in a NATSAA or SOTY style, allowing singers to perform 12 minutes,  each beginning with a song of their choice. The next song(s) is chosen by the panel from the singer's repertoire lists (must include rep from both lists).  The singer is stopped at 12-minutes by the timekeeper.  After all singers have finished, the judges rank the finalists, and a winner is named. 

What is the new requirement for chaperones? Per national guidelines, a chaperone must be present for anyone singing at the student auditions that is 17 years old and under. Teachers MAY NOT be a chaperone as they will have other assigned judging duties. It is possible for a parent to chaperone several singers at once, but they must remain with the students during the duration of the auditions.

How do we contact you all with questions? Please contact Casey Carter (ccarter@collin.edu) or Susan Hanlon Ferrer (susan@commercialvocals.com) with specific questions about auditions.